Jaipur India – Las 4 actividades más emocionantes

Jaipur, or the Pink City, called by the coloured walls and buildings, is the capital city of Rajasthan state in India.The city has an old history and the royal family is still residing there.You can find many interesting places to go or activities to engage in in Jaipur.It’s impossible to get bored there as it offers so much entertainment.You can plan many different trekking trips in the hills or just get lost in the city and admire the architecture.We’re going to share some of the most amazing activities you can take part in while on your trip to Jaipur.

Here is our list of activities to do while in Jaipur.

1.Learn to Cook Traditional Northern Indian Food

Jaipur India - Las 4 actividades más emocionantes 1

What can be a better activity than learning to cook their traditional food?India has very diverse cuisine and the northern cuisine is characterized as spicy and full of dairy products.Divya Singh is the person who will take care of you while explaining to you everything and showing the process of preparing delicious dishes.She will instruct you during the cooking process and once the food is ready, everyone will taste different food.That way, all participants can learn and get constructive feedback from a friendly host.One hour of a cooking lesson with an amazing dining experience will cost you roughly 1200INR.

2.Elephant Joy

If you’re a passionate lover of animals, you will definitely enjoy this activity.Elephant Joy is a lovely activity in Jaipur as many people are interested in learning more about elephants.It’s an elephant village located a bit outside the city where many elephants live.People can feed them, give them a bath and take care of these amazing creatures.It’s a perfect way to make your connection with the animals even closer.You can walk with an elephant or you can learn how to ride these animals.The staff is friendly and they will try to give you the best possible experience each moment.The price for a person is 2500INR and you should book in advance on their website.

3.Half-Day Cycling Tour

What can be a better way of exploring the city than riding a bike with a local guide?Yeah, you can take part in a cycling tour exploring the colourful city, its streets and local food.You will get a firsthand experience of communicating with the local people.The whole tour lasts for 4 hours and you’re led by a local guide.It’s only for a limited amount of participants so that the guide could focus on each person sharing the stories and experiences.The tour offers a hotel pickup and breakfast on the terrace.If you take part in this tour, you can easily explore the city’s attractions like temples, gardens and amazing pieces of architecture.It costs around 3000INR and you need to book it in advance as it’s a very popular activity.

4.Janu Private Tours

Janu Private Tour is the most amazing tour you will have ever experienced.Janu is a local backpacker who travelled around the world and right now he’s showing other people the beauty of Jaipur.There are many options available to explore Jaipur, but the most notable ones are a day trip, a night tour and going to the jungle.These tours last for a whole day and you can be sure you won’t miss anything and will hear interesting stories on the way.The prices are reasonable for western people, but you should call the agency and talk about the package and the price.There are tours available that will take you outside the city if you’re interested.

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